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Improving Safety for Workers Also Improves Company Health
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Fewer injuries in a company translate into lower workers' compensation insurance premiums. Companies who hire safety experts are finding that they pay for themselves with cost savings. This is motivating companies to take the extra step in protecting their employees from danger, particularly small companies who are not subject to inspection by OSHA.

Insurers are now offering advice to their clients on improving safety, and OSHA's website offers resources. In a tough economy, spending on safety sometimes is not the priority. But actions like drug testing, training to avoid accidents and making accident investigations the responsibility of job superintendents help cut lost work days, which keep insurance premiums down.


Summarize the ways the companies in this article are benefiting from increased safety in the workplace.


Go to and explain how this organization monitors companies to insure worker safety. What law was this agency created to monitor? What services does OSHA provide?

Source Jeff Bailey, "Improving Safety for Workers Also Improves Company Health," Wall Street Journal, August 27, 2002, p. B6.
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