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Sodexho Set for Overhaul After Lawsuit
Topic Ethics and Social Responsibility
Key Words discrimination, affirmative action, promotions
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News Story 

Food services company Sodexho was charged with racial discrimination by more than 3,000 African American employees at the company. The plaintiffs said management prevented meaningful advancement for African American employees, including one employee with a graduate degree whose 50 applications for promotion in her department were denied and often never acknowledged.

Under terms of the settlement, an independent committee will monitor the Sodexho's progress until 2009, and the company will continue affirmative action training for multiple departments, including managers in human resources.

Additionally, company personnel must notify candidates within 15 days of obtaining an employee's application, and top executives must complete their own diversity training.


What actions can managers take to promote diversity in the workplace? Research the issue online and provide specific steps.


Discrimination can take many forms, such as indirect discrimination. Research the concept online and explain how managers can avoid this subtle form of prejudice.

Source "Sodexho Set for Overhaul After Lawsuit," Workforce Management, June 1, 2005, p. 22.
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