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Flower Girls
Topic Entrepreneurism – Selecting a Location
Key Words Home-based business
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Rebecca Seaman and Dena deSena first got the idea for their business from shopping in the Flower District in New York City. Local florists didn’t have the fresh flowers they sought, and they felt they could help fill that niche. They started a company that serves as middleman between the consumer and the flower grower. Orders come through the company website,, so the company has low overhead.

The International Flower market does not do arrangements or send rush orders to individuals. Orders must be placed seven days in advance and are sold by the stem in bunches of 10 or 25. They are shipped from growers and auction-houses, from Oregon to New Zealand. The flowers are more expensive than those ordered from a florist, but they are much fresher and can be ordered "with a click."

After 3 years, this dot-com business is thriving. Having the office in a converted carriage house on Rebecca’s property saves precious time for both owners and gives them more time with their families, a priority for both. When it’s crunch time, the family is enlisted to help.


What are some of the advantages these business owners are likely to realize from having a home-based business?


What challenges are likely to occur from operating this business from home?

Source "Flower Girls," Victoria, May 2003, p. 40.
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