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Stamford, Conn.-Based Human Resources Consulting Firm Aids Small Businesses
Topic Entrepreneurism or Human Resource Management
Key Words Outsourcing, recruiting
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News Story

For a small business professional, recruiting is a time-consuming process and can be a burden. Writing and placing job advertisements, filtering resumes, conducting interviews and background searches take up valuable work time. OperationsInc recognized a need, and filled this niche by providing recruitment management outsourcing to their clients.

Active Health Management used them to help hire 40 people in a short period of time. Active Health has a small HR department, and they needed someone to come in and manage the recruitment process to meet a deadline.

Businesses generally have 3 options when it comes to hiring: handling the process internally, using an expensive search firm, or outsourcing. OperationsInc charges by the hour, not a percentage of the salary, so it is a more cost effective method.

Creative Benefit Planning is another company who used OperationsInc's services. The firm's three partners didn't have the time to recruit, so OperationsInc screened the candidates and conducted the initial interviews for them.


Managing human resource tasks is important to companies of all sizes, but it can be especially difficult for a small business. What other HR tasks, besides recruiting, might benefit from outsourcing? Explain your reasoning.


There is no question that effective recruiting can make or break a small business. If you had a business and were considering using outsourcing for recruiting, what kinds of questions would you ask when interviewing potential companies, ie., what would you need to know to determine if this was in the best interests of your company?

Source "Stamford, Conn.-Based Human Resources Consulting Firm Aids Small Businesses," The Stamford Advocate, Conn., Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News. Feb. 11, 2004.
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