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Most company owners assume that communication means talking. To understand the real meaning of communication is to understand that the work of a company is accomplished through others.

The following are some communication features that can aid company managers in developing their firms into more efficient and well-managed ones.

  • Communication is a transaction - one problem in communication is not hearing the information returning to the receiver. Don't forget to ask if the communication has been understood.
  • Communication is a process - and is ever-changing. Giving instruction once may not be enough.
  • Communication is sharing common meanings - words do not mean the same thing to all people, and technical language changes often.
  • Communication can include hidden agendas - sometimes people say one thing and mean another.
  • Practice good communication skills before attacking others.
  • Conduct regular employee evaluations - many annual interviews are performed by managers who are poorly prepared or lack the communication skills to properly relate to the employee's job performance.


Name five ways a manager can improve communication with an employee.


Compare the points made in this article to those from your text or lecture in communication. Write a paragraph that summarizes the role of communication between an employee and a manager.

Source "Managerial Communication." Point of Beginning, Feb. 2004, p. 54.
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