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P&G's Innovative Student Recruiting
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P&G favors a teamwork approach in their method of conducting business. In an effort to appeal to new hires, and to explain how it does business, it has created a free online interactive case-study game which can be conducted in the classroom. It has become the center-piece of its recruitment efforts.

Before the students can play, they must fill out an online application form. And after the game is played only the best students are granted a job interview.

The game is played in the classroom in an online chat room. P&G provides the students with a real product, like P&G's Swiffer WetJet floor-cleaning system. They continue through the game by talking over marketing, pricing and production issues.

A P&G employee is in the chat room monitoring results. During the one hour session, the site provides a personalization which is missing from other recruitment sites.

Setting up the game cost P&G about $75,000 to $90,000, with 75 percent of that amount going to create the website used for the game. It constantly monitors the site and makes changes during summer and winter holidays when traffic is lighter.

The benefits to P&G include less recruiting paperwork, hiring time has been greatly reduced, and people who are hired are up and productive more quickly. Also, less people are needed in the recruitment process, so hiring time is faster, and salary costs are less.

P&G hires people with no clear position in mind. They are looking for soft skills and individuals who can grow with the company. The site includes a FAQ section which gives a detailed overview about the interview process and the tests that qualified applicants must before being hired.

Recruiting consultant Mark Mehler says, "No one else is doing stuff like that."



Visit some recruiting websites for other companies. How does this site differ from other Fortune 100 sites? What are the advantages and disadvantages for using this site; for the company; for the student?


According to the article, no paper resumes are allowed. What qualities are missing when paper resumes are not evaluated or reviewed prior to an interview?

Source "P&G's Innovative Student Recruiting," Workforce Management Online, November, 2003.
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