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Detailed information and a short video sample is included for every clip.

Discussion Questions are also included for each Video in South-Western's Digital Video Library Full Product.

Note: These Videos Play best in QuickTime 6.3 or later

  Video 56:   Jaws: The Bite That's Right
  Video 57:   Midnight Run
  Video 58:   The Family Man: Does the Suit Make the Man?
  Video 59:   Parenthood
  Video 60:   Double Indemnity
  Video 61:   The Money Pit
  Video 62:   Bowfinger
  Video 63:   Casino
  Video 64:   The Family Man - Business is Business
  Video 65:   Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  Video 66:   The Jerk
  Video 67:   The River

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