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Discussion Questions are also included for each Video in South-Western's Digital Video Library Full Product.

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  Video 1:   Jurisdiction in Cyberspace
  Video 4:   Privacy in Information Sharing
  Video 6:   Misappropriation
  Video 7:   Product Liability
  Video 10:   Choosing a Business Name and a Domain Name
  Video 11:   Intellectual Property: Permissions in Cyberspace
  Video 25:   International Sales and Lease Contracts
  Video 26:   Sales and Lease Contracts: Price as a Term
  Video 30:   Negotiable Instruments
  Video 33:   Secured Transactions
  Video 39:   Monitoring Employee Email
  Video 40:   Employment at Will
  Video 44:   Mergers and Acquisitions
  Video 46:   Corporation or LLC: Which is Better?
  Video 54:   Accountant’s Liability

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