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Discussion Questions are also included for each Video in South-Western's Digital Video Library Full Product.

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  Video 3:   Free Speech: Constitutional Issues
  Video 5:   Negligence & Assumption of Risk
  Video 9:   Intellectual Property: Trade Name
  Video 13:   Conditions of a Promise
  Video 14:   Offer and Acceptance
  Video 18:   Mistake
  Video 20:   Third Party Beneficiaries
  Video 22:   Breach and Remedies
  Video 27:   Risk of Loss
  Video 29:   Warranties
  Video 35:   Agency and Respondeat Superior
  Video 36:   Drug Testing of Employees
  Video 37:   Electronic Surveillance of Employees
  Video 38:   Employer's Duty of Care and Issues of Compensation
  Video 42:   Age Discrimination
  Video 48:   Advertising Communication Law: Bait and Switch
  Video 49:   Consumer Protection
  Video 50:   Family Related Issues
  Video 51:   Environmental Regulation
  Video 53:   Personal Property and Bailments

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