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  Video 2:   Constitutional Law: Monitoring employee email and Internet usage
  Video 8:   Intellectual Property: Patents & Trade Secrets
  Video 12:   Nature & Classification of Contracts: Unilateral Contract
  Video 15:   Agreement & Consideration: What is consideration?
  Video 16:   Capacity & Illegality: Exculpatory Clauses
  Video 17:   Defenses of Contract Enforceability: Fraudulent Statement
  Video 19:   Third Party Rights & Discharge: When is a breach material?
  Video 21:   Breach & Remedies: Attorney fees recoverable?
  Video 23:   E-Contracts: Agreeing online
  Video 24:   Formation of Sales & Lease Contracts: Common Law vs UCC
  Video 28:   Warranties and Product Liability: Hot Coffee
  Video 31:   Negotiability & Transferability: Indorsing Checks
  Video 32:   Secured Transactions: More than one creditor can claim
  Video 34:   Agency: Agency vs Power of Attorney
  Video 41:   Employment Discrimination Law: ADA and Title VII in foreign offices
  Video 43:   Corp Formation: Going Public
  Video 45:   LLCs/LLPs: Why would an LLC choose to be taxed as a corporation?
  Video 47:   Ethics: Business Ethics an oxymoron?
  Video 52:   Antitrust: Category killers and price discrimination
  Video 55:   International: Letter of credit

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