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The Leading Assessment Solution:

Testing and assessment is easier and more powerful with ExamView . . . including online testing!

ExamView features a user-friendly testing environment that allows you to not only publish traditional paper and computer based tests, but also Web-deliverable exams. Use the ultra-efficient Quick Test Wizard to create an exam in less than five minutes, take advantage of the question banks, or even customize your own exams.

Contact your sales representative online or call 1-800-876-2350 to learn more. To receive test banks specific to a Thomson Thomson South-Western title, contact your sales rep or adopt from our ExamView product list.



ExamView Rated #1
The Review Zone, an in-depth assessor of kids' and family software, has named ExamView to its Best of 2001 list.

Widely Used!
Offered with over 1,000 text books.

WebCT/Blackboard Support
The latest version exports tests directly to Blackboard 5.X and WebCT 3.X.

"I just made up my first test with the examview software and I have to say that it is GREAT!"
-- Ted Bird

CSU Fullerton - Economics

"I love this program. The online tests administer beautifully."
-- Nancy Ezell, Applied Technology
Pace High School
Pace, Florida

"The best feature of ExamView is that it actually works! In fact, it is the only exam software I found that does work with online exams."

-- Professor Oddo, Niagra University

"I just want to let you know how I feel about FSCREATION'S Examview. I currently teach a class using "Concepts in Federal Taxation" by Murphy. After investigating several products I have found that this allows me to effectively manage my class. I have saved over 8 hours in manually grading tests. The students love the convenience of taking the exam at their leisure. I have also found FSCREATIONS to be very responsive to my technical phone calls."
-- Marc Spiegel, MS (Tax), CFP
University Extension
University of California, Irvine

Saves you up to 5 hours per week creating and grading tests. See more benefits (opens new window )

Key Features

  • Twelve Question Types include true/false, modified true/false, multiple choice, matching, yes/no, essay, case, problem, short answer, numeric response, and completion (fill in the blank).

  • Five Methods of Question Selection allow you to:
    Choose questions from a list
    - Choose questions randomly
    - While viewing questions
    By criteria (objective, difficulty code, etc.)
    - By selecting all questions
    You can use any or all methods to build tests of up to 250 questions.

  • Enter an unlimited number of new questions or edit existing questions using ExamView’s complete word processing capability. Undo, cut, copy, paste, find and replace, and spell-checking functions are available at the touch of a key, as well as the ability to create tables, borders, and shading.

  • Internet Tests and Study Guides can be created by simply choosing "Save as Internet Test" after you have built a test. You can then deliver the test via the Internet, and student results will be automatically e-mailed back to you.

  • Online Test Wizard allows you to first format a test for delivery over local area network (LAN) or standalone computer, then control who takes the test, when it may be completed, and what information (results, responses, answers, etc.) is provided to students.

  • Online Test Player allows you to deliver computerized tests and study guides online that consist of true/false, multiple choice, yes/no, matching, and/or completion questions, including graphics, audio, video, and animations.

  • New Test Layouts correspond to K-12 State Tests.

See Thomson South-Western's ExamView Products:

Thomson South-Western Products for College, High School, and Middle School levels

How to Adopt:

Please contact your sales representative online or by calling 1-800-876-2350, or simply adopt a Thomson South-Western product bundled with Examview. See our ExamView product list.

Note: Purchases from ExamView's creator (FSCreation's site) does not contain any test questions. FSCreation only sells the test engine. Thomson South-Western develops all the test questions for Thomson South-Western titles, combines those questions with the ExamView engine, and the result is our book-specific ExamView products.

ExamView Screen Shots:

You can create multiple versions of your exam in the printing options by scrambling the questions, answers or both. Up to 26 variations can be created.


You can easily add your own questions and exhibits.


Building an exam.
Selecting questions while viewing.


Selecting from a List.


Questions are easily edited to suit your individual wording preference.


Customer Spotlight :

Create Online Exams in Just 4 easy steps with ExamView® Pro

Instructors are taking full advantage of ExamView® Pro Testing Software, the latest test-creation and online testing software that allows them to quickly produce reliable, balanced tests and reduce the time they spend grading. With this product instructors can easily add or edit questions, print multiple versions of the same test, scramble multiple choice questions, and more. Not only is ExamView Pro flexible and easy to learn, it is provided at no cost to adopters of selected Thomson South-Western textbooks!

Professor Oddo of Niagra University uses ExamView Pro for all of his classes. He implemented ExamView Pro when he started using Thomson South-Western textbooks, and says it was a perfect match because he also wanted to give online exams using Blackboard. Professor Oddo has been very happy with the features ExamView Pro offers and adds, "The best feature of ExamView is that it actually works! In fact, it is the only exam software I found that does work with online exams." He also likes the help offered in creating exams, a feature not always offered in other programs, and states, "Another advantage of ExamView is that you can use the publisher's test bank for online exams."

In just four steps Professor Oddo explains how he sets up his exams using Exam View Pro:

  1. First prepare your exam as you would with any computerized test bank
  2. Next, go to "Publish Internet Test" to save it in HTML format. You can save it to your hard drive or to the ExamView Web site. I have always saved it to my hard drive.
  3. You have the option to publish a test or a study guide and you can decide whether or not to show students their grades.
  4. Lastly, student test results are automatically e-mailed to you (the professor), which helps to keep organized.

"Consider Thomson South-Western as your partner of choice for getting started using products along with ExamView Pro. The best feature of ExamView is that it actually works! In fact, it is the only exam software I found that does work with online exams."

See our ExamView product list.

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