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Unit 1-Financial Resources

Assets and Financial Markets
Interest Rates

Unit 2-Using Financial Statements

Financial Statements
Ratio Analysis
Cash Budgets

Unit 3-Valuation Principles

Cash Flow Fundamentals
Compound Interest and Future Value
Present Value and Discounting
Annuities, Perpetuities, and Compounding
Stock and Bond Valuation
Solving Time Value of Money Problems

Unit 4-Project Valuation

Net Present Value Analysis
Estimating Cash Flows
Comparing Projects
Breakeven Analysis
Positive Net Present Value Investments
Project Types

Unit 5-Risk and the Opportunity Cost of Capital

Measuring Risk and Return
History of the Stock Market
Portfolio Diversification
Asset Pricing

Unit 6-Capital Structure

Cost of Capital
Financial Leverage
Target Capital Structure

Unit 7-Liquidity Management

Overview of Liquidity Management
Float and Cash Management

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