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PowerPoint Presentation Slides, for use with Microsoft PowerPoint ®, have been developed for use with the 2nd Editions of Economics for Today, Microeconomics for Today, and Macroeconomics for Today by Irvin B. Tucker.

Note: The PowerPoint Lecture Review Slides for the full Economics, 2nd Edition text also include those for the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics split textbooks. The chapter names are the same for the full edition and corresponding splits; however, chapter numbers may differ. The PowerPoint files are named according to the full Economics chapter numbers. Consequently, we have included the corresponding split chapter number along with the appropriate full Economics chapter name and number for the sake of clarity.

Download by Chapter from the Table below or download the entire collection by selecting the Alternate Download Option

Chapter Title Split Chapter Number
1 Introducing the Economic Way of Thinking Microeconomics Chapter 1 and Macroeconomics Chapter 1
1-Appendix Applying Graphs to Economics Microeconomics Appendix 1 and Macroeconomics Appendix 1
2 Production Possibilities and Opportunity Cost Microeconomics Chapter 2 and Macroeconomics Chapter 2
3 Market Supply and Demand Microeconomics Chapter 3 and Macroeconomics Chapter 3
4 Markets in Action Microeconomics Chapter 4 and Macroeconomics Chapter 4
4-Appendix Applying Supply and Demand Analysis to Health Care Microeconomics Appendix 4 and Macroeconomics Appendix 4
5 Price Elasticity of Demand and Supply Microeconomics Chapter 5
6 Consumer Choice Theory Microeconomics Chapter 6
7 Production Costs Microeconomics Chapter 7
8 Perfect Competition Microeconomics Chapter 8
9 Monopoly Microeconomics Chapter 9
10 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly Microeconomics Chapter 10
11 Labor Markets Microeconomics Chapter 11
12 Income Distribution, Poverty, and Discrimination Microeconomics Chapter 12
13 Antitrust and Regulation Microeconomics Chapter 13
14 Environmental Economics Microeconomics Chapter 14
15 Gross Domestic Product Macroeconomics Chapter 5
16 Business Cycles and Unemployment Macroeconomics Chapter 6
17 Inflation Macroeconomics Chapter 7
18 The Keynesian Model Macroeconomics Chapter 8
19 The Keynesian Model in Action Macroeconomics Chapter 9
20 Aggregate Demand and Supply Macroeconomics Chapter 10
21 Fiscal Policy Macroeconomics Chapter 11
22 The Public Sector Macroeconomics Chapter 12
23 Federal Deficits and the National Debt Macroeconomics Chapter 13
24 Money and the Federal Reserve Macroeconomics Chapter 14
25 Money Creation Macroeconomics Chapter 15
26 Monetary Policy Macroeconomics Chapter 16
27 The Phillips Curve and Expectations Theory Macroeconomics Chapter 17
28 International Trade and Finance Microeconomics Chapter 15 and Macroeconomics Chapter 18
29 Comparative Economic Systems Microeconomics Chapter 16 and Macroeconomics Chapter 19
30 Growth and the Less-Developed Countries Microeconomics Chapter 17 and Macroeconomics Chapter 20

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