Tucker Xtra! Tucker Xtra! CD-ROM

The Tucker Xtra! CD-ROM, packaged with every new textbook, provides complimentary access to the following set of online learning tools.

Visit Tucker Xtra! and see the DEMO.

(If you don't have the CD, you can purchase access to the Tucker Xtra! Web site at: http://tuckerXtra.swcollege.com)

Causation Chains Animated Causation Chains These visuals present step-by-step explanations on what the graphs illustrate - the cause and effect analysis behind the graphed relationships. This feature resolves an age-old conflict - students like to learn visually, but many struggle with the interpretation of graphs.
Graphing Workshop The Graphing Workshop The Graphing Workshop is your one-stop learning resource for help in mastering the language of graphs. You'll explore important economic concepts through a unique learning system made up of tutorials, interactive tools, and exercises that teach you how to interpret, reproduce, and explain graphs.
Video Clips
CNN video segments bring the "real world" right to your desktop. The accompanying CNN video exercises help to illustrate how economics is an important part of your daily life.
Ask the Instructor Video Clips Ask the Instructor Video Clips Via streaming video, difficult concepts from each chapter are explained and illustrated by an Economics instructor, Dr. Peter Olson from Indiana University. These video clips can be extremely helpful review and clarification tools if you had trouble understanding an in-class lecture or if you are a visual learner.
Xtra! Quizzing Xtra
In addition to the open-access chapter-by-chapter quizzes found at the Tucker Product Support Web site, Tucker Xtra! offers you an opportunity to practice for midterms and finals by taking interactive quizzes that span multiple chapters.
Economic Applications e-con @pps These economic applications, EconDebate Online, EconNews Online, and EconData Online, all deepen your understanding of theoretical concepts through hands-on exploration and analysis of the latest economic news stories, policy debates, data and Web sites.


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