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Economics for Today, 3e
Macroeconomics for Today, 3e
Microeconomics for Today, 3e
by Irvin Tucker

Here you will find descriptions of print and electronic supplements that accompany your text, as well as related items to help you in your studies.

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Practice Quizzes with Answers
Multiple choice practice quizzes function as a built-in study guide at the end of each chapter. The unique visual explanations of the answers can be found in the 'Interactive Study Center' feature from this support site.
To access, click on the 'Interactive Study Center' button from the left navigation toolbar. From the drop down menu select a chapter then click the 'Practice Quiz' link from the top navigation toolbar. The download link for the answers and instructions are located at the top of each chapter's practice quiz page.

Study Guide
ISBN: 0-324-179537
Prepared by Irvin Tucker, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
The Study Guide written by the text author and reviewed for accuracy contains features such as the chapter in a nutshell, key concept review, fill-in-the-blank questions, step-by-step interpretation of the graph boxes, multiple-choice questions, true-false questions, and crossword puzzles.
Download Now: Sample chapter

Tucker Xtra! Student CD-ROM

ISBN: 0-324-179561
Tucker Xtra! provides you with access to a full set of additional online learning tools found at the site. It includes The Graphing Workshop, Frequently Asked Questions videos, CNN application videos, and additional self-testing opportunities.

Microsoft PowerPoint Lecture Review Slides
ISBN: 0-324-179596
Prepared by Ken Long, New River Community College
These user-friendly PowerPoint slides can serve as lecture enhancement for instructors, as well as study aids for students.
Download Now: Economics for Today

Download Now: Macroeconomics for Today

Download Now: Microeconomics for Today

Microsoft PowerPoint Exhibit Slides

ISBN: 0-324-17960X
These slides are downloadable from the site and contain every exhibit found in the text in order to enhance classroom presentation of the chapters.
Download Now: Economics for Today
Download Now: Macroeconomics for Today

Download Now: Microeconomics for Today

Homework Sets
ISBN: Microeconomics: 0-324-17957X
Macroeconomics: 0324179588

Prepared by William Weber, Eastern Illinois University
These sets of exercises review economic concepts presented in the text. They can be given as homework assignments or used by students to practice for exams. Answers are available in the instructor's manual.

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