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Public Finance: A Contemporary Application Theory Policy 8e
by David N. Hyman

Here you will find descriptions of print and electronic supplements that accompany your text, as well as related items to help you in your studies.

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PowerPoint Slides
PowerPoint slides are available for use by students as an aid to note-taking, and by instructors for enhancing their lectures. Robert Guell of Indiana State University has created an animated set of slides that emphasize important concepts in the chapters and re-create important graphs and figures from the text.
(Graphical Presentations also available in which the PowerPoint program is not needed)
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Study Guide Sample
ISBN: 0-324-27463-7
This Study Guide includes a list of chapter objectives, problems, chapter summaries, chapter review questions, and Internet exercises to help students master topics covered inclass and to prepare for examination. The "Issue in Brief" section in every chapter application of material in the chapters and includes discussion questions.
Download Now: Study Guide Sample Chapter

The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Update
Download Now: Medicare Update
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