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Britainís Farmers Faring Well Despite Hoof-and-Mouth Disease
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British agriculture went through several scares this summer, including floods and a bout with hoof-and-mouth disease. Despite all of that, farmers expect to do relatively well this year. Why?
(Updated September, 2007)
The Downside of Wrong Expectations
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A Chinese copper trader allegedly sold 200,000 tons of copper short, assuming that the price would fall. It didnít. And now no one can find him or all the copper he owes.
(Updated December, 2005)
Mexican emigrants continue to take the majority of low-wage U.S. jobs
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The U.S. created 2.5 million jobs in 2004. Forty percent, or fully 1 million, of these jobs were filled by Latinos and Latinas. Eighty-eight percent, or 880,000 of the new jobs were filled by recent U.S. immigrants.
(Updated July, 2005)
Low-wage US jobs continue to drift to Mexico
Full Summary 
Last year saw 2.5 million jobs created in the US; 40% of those jobs were taken by Latinos. Of those million jobs taken by Latinos, 88% went to recent U.S. immigrants.
(Updated July, 2005)
Be careful what you ask for; it may not be what you wanted
Full Summary 
In the constant struggle between economic interests and national security, American workers are concerned that foreign workers in this country will steal their jobs. However, imposing limits on foreign workers may have additional, unconsidered costs. The limits on H-2B work visas, which allow foreign workers to work in the US, are being reached with repercussions in a variety of non-related industries.
(Updated June, 2005)
Home Improvement - Or Home Investment?
Full Summary

Home improvements can add value to a home, so that after a year much of the outlay can be recouped. Variations occur however, depending on the specific improvement and the local housing market.

(Updated June 15, 2002)

Sweet and Sour Outlook for U.S. Chip Industry
Full Summary

Computer chip sales are down in most of the world except China, where the growth potential is huge. As a result, U.S. companies are investing in new plant and equipment in China.

(Updated December 1, 2001)

Heartbreak for Hotels
Full Summary
Hotel construction is slowing due to the events of September 11. The objective is to decrease expenditures to preserve profits. Other expenses are being reduced as well.
(Updated November 1, 2001)
Trade Center Disaster Leaves Businesses Homeless
Full Summary
The destruction of the World Trade Center is expected to reduce downtown Manhattan's commercial space by 20 percent. There may be a shortage of space. Some businesses are moving out of Manhattan, and certain others are finding temporary space in other firms' buildings.
(Updated October 1, 2001)
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