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The Federal Budget: What a Difference a Day Makes
Full Summary 
President Bush's budget plan would increase resources for programs related to national defense, but decrease resources for many others.
(Updated April 1, 2002)
Drug Debate
Full Summary 
The U.S. Senate has approved an aid package for the Colombian military to fight drug suppliers. Amendments to reduce the size of the package and to divert resources to domestic prevention and treatment failed.
(Updated August 1, 2000)
Trade Wars - in the U.S.
Full Summary 
Although the economy is prospering, the majority of the U.S. population believes that foreign trade is bad for U.S. wages and jobs. Proponents of free trade are mounting an educational campaign to show that, as occurred in South Carolina, job losses can be more than offset by new employment in foreign firms and their suppliers.
(Updated March 1, 1999)
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