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In Maryland and Virginia, Fishers are Blue….and a Little Crabby as Well
Full Summary 
Blue crabs are thriving in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland this year. In a bad year, fishers might bring in total catches of 50 million lbs. This year, they’ve caught upwards of 80 million lbs. With such a huge harvest, prices of the popular seafood have plummeted.
(Updated June 2006)
It's the Dollar General...Town...
Full Summary 
Go to Yiwu, China, just south of Shanghai in Zheijiang province, and you'll find the largest collection of vendors willing to engage in serious price competition.
(Updated January 2005)
Brazil is quickly becoming America's bread-basket
Full Summary 
Brazil's ability to produce many agricultural products at low prices is making farmers in other countries stand up, notice, and start to fear the worst. Already the largest exporter of soybeans, Brazil is quickly becoming a world leader in production and export of sugar, coffee, orange juice and cattle products.
(Updated September, 2004)
One Farmer's Loss is Another One's Grain
Full Summary
Wheat prices are rising due to droughts and monsoons around the world, overcoming the effects of a strong dollar and trade sanctions. Farmers are starting to make more than it costs to grow corna.
(Updated October 10, 2002)
Asian Competition Has Hand in Glove Maker's Closures
Full Summary
Disposable gloves sales are skyrocketing, mainly due to fear of disease. However, the last U.S. plant producing latex gloves is threatened by lower labor costs in Asia.
(Updated May 1, 2002)
It's Hard to 'Keep On Trucking'
Full Summary
Failures in the trucking industry are at record levels due to higher fuel, insurance and labor costs and a sagging economy. Low trade-in prices for trucks and a loose labor market mean bankruptcy does not provide a way to stay in the industry. Trucking prices may rise unless more individuals enter the industry.
(Updated September 1, 2001)
People Are Hanging Up on Pay Phones For Good
Full Summary
Pay phone usage is decreasing as cell phone usage increases. Pay phone companies are removing phones because they are not economic. Some are trying to reinvent them for Internet access.
(Updated March 1, 2001)
Winn-Dixie Loses in Dixie
Full Summary
The Winn-Dixie supermarket chain is closing some stores, increasing the size of others, centralizing functions, and eliminating management positions because its operating margin is slim, sales are down, and it is losing market share. Restructuring may not be sufficient.
(Updated June 1, 2000)
Drought Dampens Hay Supply and Cattle Prices
Full Summary 
The Eastern U.S. drought of 1999 has increased the price of hay, causing some farmers to sell their cattle. The increase in cattle at auction has reduced the price of animals, but consumers are largely unaffected.
(Updated October 1, 1999)
Industry and Labor Steel Themselves Against Imports
Full Summary 
The world price of steel fell dramatically in 1998. Industry and labor want tariffs to be imposed on steel that is sold below cost. Many are resistant because it would hurt countries recovering from the financial crisis as well as U.S. producers who use steel.
(Updated March 1, 1999)
Capped Commissions Cause Travelers' Unrest
Full Summary 
The 8 percent commissions that travel agencies receive for selling international airline tickets have been capped at $100 for a round-trip ticket.
(Updated February 1, 1999)
Farmers Dump on Canada for Dumping
Full Summary 
Upper Midwest farmers are angry at increases in imported grain from Canada because lower grain prices are resulting. Others believe that low prices are also due to high-yield harvests in the Northwest and lower demand from Asia. Either way, farmers are losing money, and their communities are said to be suffering.
(Updated November 11, 1998)
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