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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Full Summary 
A report that the economy has grown by 3.4 percent after inflation has left analysts divided over its future path. Forecasts of the path the economy will follow over the upcoming months seem to be split in two directions. Both Democrats and Republicans have been quick to offer their own interpretation.
(Updated August, 2007)
Housing Market Stalls Forecast
Full Summary 
Although the Fed expects the economy to grow for the rest of the year, the forecasted growth has been adjusted downward. The main reason for the downgrading is continued concern with the housing market and the drag it puts on the economy. The Fed expects the inflation rate to be within acceptable limits.
(Updated August, 2007)
Consumer Prices Rise More Than Expected
Full Summary 
Inflation in January rose by more than most analysts expected. The overall rate of inflation climbed 0.2 percent in January, after a rise of 0.4 percent in December. However, the core rate of inflation jumped 0.3 percent in January, compared to only 0.1 percent in December.
(Updated March, 2007)
Money, Money everywhere—But it Doesn’t Go As Far
Full Summary 
American consumers enjoyed more personal income in March, but with inflation on the rise the additional income doesn’t go quite as far. Personal income rose and consumers continued to spend, but at the same time an inflation measure that excludes food and energy rose by more than 2 percent—signaling that the economy is expected to slow down.
(Updated June, 2006)
More Bad News for the Economy
Full Summary 
The index of leading economic indicators fell in August for the third consecutive month. In addition, the number of citizens filing for unemployment insurance rose. These two measures of economic activity are considered bad news for the American economy.
(Updated November, 2004)
Economic Recovery Without Inflation?
Full Summary 
Housing construction is sizzling and industrial production is surging in November, indicating that the economic recovery is powering ahead. Can it continue without inflation?
(Updated January, 2004)
Consumer Prices Rise Modestly
Full Summary 
Higher gasoline prices are cited as the major reason for a modest 0.3 percent rise in consumer prices in September. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the government's most closely watched measure of inflationary activity. The Federal Reserve watches it as a guide to monetary policy. Other public and private entities watch the CPI because cost-of-living adjustments are tied to it.
(Updated November, 2003)
Pumped Up Over Low Oil Prices
Full Summary 
Asia's economic problems are benefiting U.S. consumers because of declines in oil and gasoline prices. Oil prices have fallen from about $22 a barrel in October to about $12 a barrel. (Updated August 12, 1998)
GDP Continues to Point Up 
Full Summary 
The Commerce Department recorded that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased at a 3.5% annual rate for the third quarter of 1997. (Updated January 15, 1998)
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