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Income Inequality in Asia is on the Rise
Full Summary
During the 1990s, the growth in Asian nations was hailed as growth for everyone. Given the current level of inequality in Asian nations today, that doesn’t seem to have happened.
(Updated September, 2007)
Voters Go to the Polls to Raise the Minimum Wage
Full Summary
Those who oppose raising the minimum wage in the U.S. argue that such raises increase the costs of employing workers, which reduces demand for low-wage workers, which in turn ultimately takes money out of these workers' pockets. If this argument rings true, then why are six states going to the polls in November to raise the minimum wage in their states, and then index it to inflation thereafter? Why do 21 other states set their minimum wages higher than the federal minimum wage level?
(Updated November, 2006)
Rising Tide of Prosperity Lifts Some Boats, Consumes Others
Full Summary 
U.S. citizens are paying an increasing percentage of disposable income for shelter (homes) nationwide. Housing prices are rising in Manhattan, San Francisco, and Olathe, Kansas. Olathe, Kansas?? Isn't housing supposed to be cheaper in the Midwest?
(Updated November, 2006)
Brain Drain or Brain Gain?
Full Summary
Developing countries have long decried the “brain drain” involved when the countries’ best citizens leave for developed nations seeking higher salaries. This phenomenon has always been considered detrimental to the home country. But recent research suggests secondary effects that could outweigh the damage done when the “best and brightest” leave a country.
(Updated December, 2005)
In its move to capitalism, China discovers income inequality
Full Summary
Zhang Yuchen, one of China's new rich, constructed a replica of Chateau Maisons-Laffitte, the 1650 French masterpiece located on the Seine, on his estate in Beijing. Meanwhile, the 800 peasants who used to farm the land on which his estate sits, must sit and stare at what was once their own farmland.
(Updated April, 2005)
Minorities and Whites are Growing Apart, not Together
Full Summary
The Pew Hispanic Center released results of a study that indicates that over the period 1999 - 2002, white people's economic situations became significantly better relative to minority households.
(Updated December, 2004)
Brazilians get paid to go to school
Full Summary
Brazilian parents who make sure that their children stay in school and get regular medical checkups now qualify for monthly cash payments. The goal is to ensure that families are investing in the future of their children, rather than having the children work during the day.
(Updated February, 2004)
Rx for Long Life: Income Equality
Full Summary
Studies have shown a relationship between income and health—the richer you are, the healthier you are. However, recent research has shown that this is not always the case. As a nation becomes richer and more unequal in income distribution, a new positive relationship between income and mortality rates can be seen.
(Updated January 4, 2003)
A Recovery for Some, a Worsening for Others
Full Summary
The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the number of people living in poverty increased last year.
(Updated October 17, 2003)
Here to Work, and Here to Stay
Full Summary
Increased U.S. border security has created an unusual problem - migrant workers who entered the country illegally are finding that they can't leave, and so are staying. This increase is taxing the public sector programs in communities in which illegal immigrants live.
(Updated October 17, 2003)
Time to End Rent Control in New York
Full Summary 
In June, 2003, New York's state government will vote to renew legislation imposing controls on rent in New York City. The time has come to abandon such controls.
(Updated August 27, 2003)
French Higher Ed: Higher Participation, Lower Retention and Rewards
Full Summary 
France has expanded higher education, but it is now overcrowded and student retention is lower. Upon graduation, the rewards are little more than for high school leavers. The U.K. is concerned that similar problems may arise there as higher education grows.
(Updated May 6, 2002)
Poverty Persists
Full Summary 
Child poverty has declined in recent years, but is still more than in 1979. Low wages and high living costs remain problems.
(Updated September 1, 2000)
Drawing the Line -Poverty Revisited
Full Summary
According to the current definition of poverty¾created in the Johnson Administration¾ a family of four earning less than $16,600, would be considered impoverished. The Census Bureau, in an attempt to revise the poverty measure, would add millions more to the poverty rolls. Some sociologists and economists argue that the standard should be even higher.
(Updated January 1, 2000)
For Richer, For Poorer
Full Summary 
Poverty has been found to be transitory for most, but there remain exceptions. In particular, minorities, female heads of households, retirement-eligible persons, and urban dwellers remain in poverty longer. The booming economy has led to only small reductions in the overall poverty rate.
(Updated August 18, 1998)
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