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China’s Inflation on the Rise Again
Full Summary 
The Chinese economy is once again experiencing some unwanted inflation. For the first time since 2004 inflation in China has pushed past the previous peak of 5.3 percent. At that time the Chinese government acted abruptly to put inflationary controls in to place. The current response to inflation has been much more subtle.
(Updated September 2007)
Chinese Economy, Fourth Largest in the World?!
Full Summary 
New statistical measurements released from the Chinese government suggest that the fastest growing economy in the world is set to pass France, Italy, and Britain as it become the fourth largest economy in the world. Only the economies of Japan, Germany, and the United States will be larger.
(Updated February 2006)
China's Rise to Economic Power
Full Summary 
Some analysts believe the Chinese economy will rival that of the United States over time as the transition from central planning to capitalism is accomplished. The Chinese are accomplishing rapid economic growth by using foreign expertise and investment.
(Updated August 2005)
The Peace Dividend
Full Summary 
Peace seems to be a very powerful instrument of economic development; significant changes to the economy of Northern Ireland have occurred as a result of the Good Friday peace agreement signed in 1998. Unemployment is low and foreign investment is at record highs.
(Updated January 2001)
The Wealth of Nations, Part II
Full Summary
Why some nations are rich and others poor has been of on-going interest for economists. Two recent studies, one by Jeffrey Sachs and John Luke Gallup, and the other by Paul Krugman, have set forth new theories.
(Updated May 1998)
Mickey the Red
Full Summary 
With the demise of the Soviet Union and the transition to capitalism, it is increasingly difficult to point to real-world examples of the differences between capitalism and socialism – until you go to Disneyland.
(Updated May 1998)
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