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Is Legalization and Prevention Better Than Getting Tough With Drugs?
Full Summary 
Three years ago, the British government decided to downgrade the legal status of cannabis (marijuana) from a Class B to Class C drug, reflecting attitudes toward the drug. Now the government, in the midst of a “get tough on drugs” campaign, is considering reversing the move. Is it a good idea?
(Updated August, 2007)
An Ounce of Prevention May be Worth a Pound of Cure, But Bypasses and Stents are What Bring in the Money
Full Summary 
It is well-known that preventive medicine done today makes people better off in the long-run. Exercise, diet, and quitting smoking and drinking are all ways to reduce health problems later in life. So what's the problem? Doctors can't earn a living on preventive medicine alone. They have to run tests do surgery just to make ends meet.
(Updated February, 2007)
Bats are Worth More to Us Than Just Fighting Crime
Full Summary 
Every spring, the skies of the Southwestern United States teem with free-tailed bats, ready to feast on cotton bollworms. Flying from Latin America northward, these mammals provide a valuable service to cotton farmers.
(Updated January, 2007)
What Would the U.S. Demand Curve for Kids Look Like?
Full Summary 
On or around 17 October 2006, the U.S. population will surpass 300 million, up from 200 million in 1967. At current projections, the U.S. population will hit 400 million around 2043. This growth stands out, though: Over that time period, the EU and Japan expect to lose, rather than gain, total population. Why?
(Updated November, 2006)
¿Habla Español? English Only Not as Easy or Effective as it Sounds
Full Summary 
Imagine how difficult it would be to be forced to learn and use exclusively Spanish overnight. New studies suggest that political proposals requiring immigrants to learn English may not be as easy to enforce as they sound--for immigrants or for their children. Nor are they as effective in assimilating newcomers as we might wish.
(Updated July 2006)
Welcome Back to the Bosom of Society…and by the way, That'll Be $127,000.
Full Summary 
At this point, people who have been imprisoned have an increasingly difficult task to become productive members of society. And the discrimination is all legal.
(Updated March 2006)
SUVs may become less likely to crack when they roll over
Full Summary 
Government regulators suggest increasing roof strength standards on SUVs that were formerly considered smaller, family style vehicles and requiring them to meet the same roof strength standards as larger SUVs must meet. Now, vehicles that weigh 6,000 lbs. must meet the same standards as those that weigh up to 10,000 pounds.
(Updated November 2005)
People may be forced to make smart decisions!
Full Summary 
Why do people make seemingly questionable decisions? Are they actually doing what’s in their best interests? Thomas Schelling, a Nobel-Prize winning economist, seems to think so.
(Updated November 2005)
This REALLY won’t hurt a bit
Full Summary 
Think about the benefits of being vaccinated against disease. Try to tally all of them up. Sound difficult? Two economists have tried to do just that, in a recently released study.
(Updated November 2005)
To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild (New Orleans): That’s the Economists’ Question
Full Summary 
After New Orleans’ total destruction by Hurricane Katrina, debate arises over what to do with the city’s site. Some have suggested turning New Orleans into a Colonial Williamsburg-type city. Others have suggested giving residents $10,000 and a bus ticket elsewhere, abandoning the real estate to its inevitable home as an extension of the sea. Still others, including the government, have suggested rebuilding to return New Orleans back to its pre-hurricane status.
(Updated October 2005)
Salmon are just going to have to deal with those dams!
Full Summary 
The Bush Administration recently issued a statement that it would not consider removing dams along the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Northwest U.S. to save 11 endangered salmon species.
(Updated February 2005)
It's the Dollar General...Town...
Full Summary 
Go to Yiwu, China, just south of Shanghai in Zheijiang province, and you'll find the largest collection of vendors willing to engage in serious price competition.
(Updated January 2005)
Europeans Discover That You Have to Live to Work so You Work to Live
Full Summary 
: Europeans have always chosen in favor of less work and more leisure. Compared to U.S. workers, European employees work fewer hours in the week and take more time for vacation. The average number of vacation days in the US is 12 days, while in Germany the average is 30 days, and in France it is 25 days. However, EU nations are discovering that fewer hours worked does not translate into more workers working, or into greater competitiveness globally.
(Updated August, 2004)
With Health Care, US Learns That You Don't Always Get What You Pay For?
Full Summary 
Recent studies demonstrate that while U.S. citizens spend far more than any other country's citizens on health care services - about 14% of GDP compared to 8% for other developed nations - U.S. consumers receive fewer services and lower quality health care in some health concerns.
(Updated August, 2004)
How Much is a Manatee Worth?
Full Summary 
A new book co-written by an economist and a law professor takes issue with the conventional notion of cost/benefit analysis, arguing that it is rigged in favor of lower regulation.
(Updated April 7, 2004)
The Wealth of Nations, Part II
Full Summary 
Why some nations are rich and others poor has been of on-going interest for economists. Two recent studies, one by Jeffrey Sachs and John Luke Gallup, and the other by Paul Krugman, have set forth new theories.
(Updated May 22, 1998)
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