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Ebook Guide

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eBook Glossary

Adobe Reader: Adobe® Reader® 7.0 is free software that allows students to easily and reliably view, print, and search eBooks.

Dedicated eBook Device -- An electronic device other than a laptop or PC that is used solely to read eBooks. Generally these devices are small, lightweight, and can hold dozens of eBooks. Example: The Gemstar eBook by RCA is a dedicated eBook device.

Download: The process of copying a file from the Internet onto your hard drive. The length of time needed to download a file depends on the size of the eBook you order and the speed of your computer's modem. Download times for an average-sized eBook according to connection speed are as follows: 28.8K = 125 seconds or a little over 2 minutes, 56K = 62.5 seconds or a little over 1 minute, T1 = 2.3 seconds.

DRM: Digital rights management (DRM) systems help protect the copyright of materials by defining how the content can be used. These rights are determined by the publishers.

eBook: A book in digital format that you can download to your computer and read using a software program. Depending on the specific format, the eBook can be read on a computer, PDA, or dedicated reader device with the proper software.

eBook Format -- The version of an eBook text that you can read using a given eBook reader.

eBook Reader -- A software program or hardware device that allows you to read a book in electronic form. eBook readers present the text in a way that is as easy to read as printed books and offer features like built-in dictionaries to enhance the reading experience.

eBook Reader Library -- Most eBook reader software programs have a built-in library feature that allows you to organize and view all of the eBooks you have purchased for that reader.

Encryption -- The process by which the text in an eBook file is rendered unreadable to everyone but the person who has paid for the eBook. .

Format: A particular way to store information on a computer. You may need special programs to read certain formats, such as Microsoft Reader to read .lit files and Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader to read .ebx files.

p-Book: The term used by the digital world to describe books in print form. eBooks are digital and p-books are printed and bound.

PDA: Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are handheld devices that can be used for a variety of tasks, depending on the model type. With the right software they can store and display eBooks.

PDF: Portable Document Format is a format developed by Adobe Systems that allows documents to appear on your computer just as they would in print.

POD: Print on demand (POD) is the process of storing a book in digital format, then printing and binding that book only when it is ordered by a customer.

Public Domain Title -- Any book for which the copyright has expired -- usually a book published before the 1920s. Public domain eBooks are generally encrypted at a lower level of security.

Registered Reader -- Generally a part of the reader activation process, registration ensures that only you can read the eBooks you purchase for your reader.


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