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No Right to Avoid Publicity from Bankruptcy
Description Chapter 7 debtors not allowed to use their attorney’s address in another town in an effort to keep parents and employer from learning of their bankruptcy. Except in rare case, publicity is important part of bankruptcy so that community is on notice.
Topic Bankruptcy
Key Words Publicity
C A S E   S U M M A R Y
Facts A married couple who filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy requested authority to use their attorney’s mailing address in another town on their bankruptcy schedules and financial statements, so the existence of the bankruptcy would be less likely to become known to an elderly parent and one of their employers.
Decision Motion denied. "If the debtors are permitted to use their counsel’s office address, it is unlikely that the filing of the debtors’ bankruptcy petition will be publicized in newspapers distributed in the community in which the debtors reside." Unless it involves physical safety, "it is not appropriate for the court to take any action which reduces or diminishes publicity about the filing of a bankruptcy case." Debtors are not entitled to be protected from publicity surrounding the filing of their case.
Citation In the Matter of Laws, — B.R. — (1998 WL 541821, Bankr. D. Neb.)
223 B.R. 714 (Branr., D. Neb., 1998)

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