Put a complete business library at your fingertips with The Business & Company Resource Center. The BCRC is a premier online business research tool that allows you to seamlessly search thousands of periodicals, journals, references, financial information, industry reports, company histories and much more.

  • BCRC is conveniently accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing students to access information at school, at home, or on the ‘go’.
  • BCRC is a powerful and time saving research tool for students--whether they are completing a case analysis, preparing for a presentation or discussion, creating a business plan, or writing a reaction paper.
  • Instructors can use the BCRC like an online coursepack, assigning readings and research-based homework without the inconvenience of library reserves, permissions, and printed materials.
  • BCRC filters out the ‘junk’ information students often find when searching the Internet, providing only the high quality, safe, and reliable news and information sources.

The Business & Company Resource Center can be packaged with any Cengage Learning textbook or coursepack at little or no additional cost. Use the resources on this page to learn more about this complete online information solution. To learn how you can include BCRC in your course, contact your local Cengage Learning representative.


Combine BCRC with your favorite Harvard Business School Publishing cases and provide your students with a complete research tool for case analysis at no additional cost. Contact your Cengage Learning representative for additional information.

Easily assign homework, share articles, create journal lists, and save searches using BCRC Infomarks.

BCRC saves students valuable time and provides them a safe and reliable resource in which to hone their research skills and analytical abilities.

Click here to view some examples of how you can integrate BCRC into your course.