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Managerial Accounting, 8e
by Warren, Reeve, Fess

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PowerPoint Presentation Slides
Prepared by Dan Biagi, Walla Walla Community College; Fern Jones, Eli Jones & Associates
These PowerPoint presentation slides are custom designed to specifically fit the 8th edition of Managerial Accounting. Organized by chapter, they enhance lectures and help to simplify classroom preparation time. Instructors can even edit slides or add their own slides to the presentation wherever they want.

Choose your Chapter

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13

Student Spreadsheet Templates
These completely revised templates give students the opportunity to solve dozens of problems using Excel. Each applicable problem is marked with an icon in the text. The Spreadsheet Templates for Chapters 12 and 13 are forthcoming.

Choose your Chapter and File

Chapter 1

Exercise 1-8   Exercise 1-19   Problem 1-5A   Problem 1-6A   Problem 1-5B   Problem 1-6B

Chapter 2

Exercise 2-1   Exercise 2-11   Exercise 2-16   Exercise 2-17   Exercise 2-25

Exercise 2-27   Exercise 2-28   Problem 2-3A   Problem 2-4A   Problem 2-5A   Problem 2-6A

Problem 2-7A   Problem 2-3B   Problem 2-4B   Problem 2-5B   Problem 2-6B   Problem 2-7B

Chapter 3

Exercise 3-6   Exercise 3-7   Exercise 3-8   Exercise 3-21   Exercise 3-7   Exercise 3-25

Problem 3-2A   Problem 3-5A   Problem 3-6A   Problem 3-2B   Problem 3-5B   Problem 3-6B

Chapter 4

Exercise 4-2   Exercise 4-3   Exercise 4-5   Exercise 4-6

Exercise 4-7   Exercise 4-8   Exercise 4-10   Exercise 4-12   Exercise 4-13   Exercise 4-14

Exercise 4-15   Exercise 4-17   Exercise 4-18   Exercise 4-19   Exercise 4-20   Exercise 4-21

Exercise 4-7   Problem 4-1A   Problem 4-2A   Problem 4-4A   Problem 4-5A   Problem 4-6A

Problem 4-1B   Problem 4-2B   Problem 4-3B   Problem 4-4B   Problem 4-5B   Problem 4-6B

Chapter 5

Exercise 5-1

Exercise 5-2   Exercise 5-3   Exercise 5-4   Exercise 5-5   Exercise 5-6   Exercise 5-7

Exercise 5-8   Exercise 5-9   Exercise 5-10   Exercise 5-11   Exercise 5-12   Exercise 5-13

Exercise 5-14   Exercise 5-15   Exercise 5-16   Exercise 5-17   Exercise 5-18   Exercise 5-19

Exercise 5-20   Exercise 5-21   Problem 5-1A   Problem 5-2A   Problem 5-3A   Problem 5-4A

Problem 5-5A   Problem 5-1B   Problem 5-2B   Problem 5-3B   Problem 5-4B   Problem 5-5B

Chapter 6

Exercise 6-1   Exercise 6-2   Exercise 6-3   Exercise 6-6   Exercise 6-10

Exercise 6-13   Exercise 6-15   Problem 6-2A   Problem 6-4A   Problem 6-2B   Problem 6-4B

Chapter 7

Exercise 7-2   Exercise 7-7   Exercise 7-8   Exercise 7-9

Problem 7-1A   Problem 7-2A   Problem 7-3A   Problem 7-4A   Problem 7-5A   Problem 7-6A

Problem 7-1B   Problem 7-2B   Problem 7-3B   Problem 7-4B   Problem 7-5B   Problem 7-6B

Chapter 8

Exercise 8-1   Exercise 8-2   Exercise 8-3   Exercise 8-6

Exercise 8-7   Exercise 8-8   Exercise 8-9   Exercise 8-11   Exercise 8-14

Exercise 8-20   Exercise 8-21   Problem 8-1A   Problem 8-2A   Problem 8-3A   Problem 8-4A

Problem 8-6A   Problem 8-1B   Problem 8-2B   Problem 8-3B   Problem 8-4B   Problem 8-6B

Chapter 9

Exercise 9-1   Exercise 9-4   Exercise 9-6   Exercise 9-7

Exercise 9-8   Exercise 9-10   Problem 9-1A   Problem 9-2A   Problem 9-3A   Problem 9-5A

Problem 9-6A   Problem 9-1B   Problem 9-2B   Problem 9-3B   Problem 9-5B   Problem 9-6B

Chapter 10

Exercise 10-2   Exercise 10-3   Exercise 10-4   Exercise 10-5   Exercise 10-10

Exercise 10-11   Exercise 10-12   Exercise 10-13   Exercise 10-14   Exercise 10-15

Exercise 10-16   Exercise 10-18   Exercise 10-19   Exercise 10-20   Exercise 10-21

Problem 10-3A   Problem 10-4A   Problem 10-5A   Problem 10-6A

Problem 10-3B   Problem 10-4B   Problem 10-5B   Problem 10-6B

Chapter 11

Exercise 11-7   Exercise 11-8   Exercise 11-9   Exercise 11-17   Exercise 11-19

Exercise 11-20   Exercise 11-21   Problem 11-2A   Problem 11-3A   Problem 11-2B   Problem 11-3B

Chapter 12

Exercise 12-5   Exercise 12-6   Exercise 12-15   Exercise 12-19

Exercise 12-20   Exercise 12-21   Problem 12-1A   Problem 12-2A   Problem 12-3A   Problem 12-4A

Problem 12-5A   Problem 12-1B   Problem 12-2B   Problem 12-3B   Problem 12-4B   Problem 12-5B

Chapter 13

Exercise 13-1   Exercise 13-2   Exercise 13-3   Exercise 13-4   Exercise 13-5   Problem 13-1A

Problem 13-2A   Problem 13-3A   Problem 13-4A   Problem 13-1B   Problem 13-2B   Problem 13-3B   Problem 13-4B


Updates to Groom and Board Practice Set
Within this Errata Sheet, you will find corrections to the files provided.

Power Accounting System Software (P.A.S.S.)
ISBN: 0-324-20510-4
Prepared by Warren Allen; Dale Klooster
This best-selling educational general ledger package is enhanced with a problem checker enabling students to determine if their entries are correct. Use PASS to solve end-of-chapter problems, the continuing problem, comprehensive problems, and practice sets. Those end of chapter materials that were specifically written with P.A.S.S. in mind are designated with an icon in the text. P.A.S.S. is developed specifically for educational purposes but emulates commercial general ledger packages more closely than other educational packages.
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Personal Trainer
ISBN: 0-324-20460-4
Specifically designed to ease the time-consuming task of grading homework, Personal Trainer lets students complete their assigned homework from the text or practice on unassigned homework online. The results are instantaneously entered into a gradebook. With annotated spreadsheets and full-blown gradebook functionality, the greatly enhanced Personal Trainer 3.0 provides an unprecedented real-time, guided, self-correcting learning reinforcement system outside the classroom. Use this resource as an integrated solution for your distance learning or traditional course.
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Study Guide for Managerial Accounting, Chapters 1-11 or Financial and Managerial Accounting Chapters 1-26
ISBN: 0-324-22213-0
Prepared by Carl S. Warren, Georgia State University, Athens; James M. Reeve, University of Tennesse, Knoxville
The Study Guide includes quiz and test tips as well as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-false questions. The content is also available in WebTutor Advantage.
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Working Papers for Managerial Accounting, Chapters 1-11 or Financial and Managerial Accounting Chapters 1-26
ISBN: 0-324-22212-2
The traditional Working Papers are available both with and without problem-specific forms for preparing solutions for Exercises, A and B Problems, the Continuing Problem, and the Comprehensive Problems from the text. These forms, with preprinted headings, provide a structure for the problems, which helps students get started and save them time. Additional blank forms are included.
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Working Papers Plus for Select Exercises and Problems for Managerial Accounting, Chapters 1-11 or Financial and Managerial Accounting Chapters 1-26
ISBN: 0-324-22211-4
Prepared by John W. Wanlass, De Anza College
This alternative to traditional working papers offers invaluable study elements that integrate selected exercises and problems from the text with forms for preparing solutions.
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