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The Accounting Links page provides both instructors and students with up-to-date Internet based resources to enhance the Accounting learning experience. Sites were chosen based on relevancy to both Accounting and to real-world business situations.

The Internet is a wonderful resource. However, some cautions need to be considered when using Web sites. First, the Web site information is only as good as the care and diligence the maintainers of the site put into it. Second, information can become quickly outdated. We have made every effort to list sites that take extra care to present accurate information and to keep the information current.

Function links (top) explore Internet links by topic. "Best" Accounting sites provide a listing of great places to start for any type of Accounting Internet exploration.

Let us know if you find a terrific accounting site or discover something on a Web site that helps to explain a concept. We'll be adding your suggestions to our lists throughout the year. Forward your suggestions to


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"Best" Accounting Web Sites
Electronic Accountant
Rutgers Accounting Web
Site Seeker
Will Yancey's Bookmarks
Bob Jensen's Bookmarks

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